Hi there! We're Timbre Books

We are an independent neighborhood bookshop coming soon to the cozy midtown community of Ventura, CA.

Or, as we like to hope, a bookstore for the people! 

Here is what we're all about: 

  • A bookshop filled with well-curated, new books. We're talking the best of the best books out there! From the classics to the current bestsellers to the  sci-fi thrillers to the newest kids' books.  
  • A place the Ventura community feels welcome to browse, or to stay a while and read a new book, work on their own writing, or collaborate with others.
  • A hub for literary events like readings, workshops, and book groups as well as a partner to other local Ventura businesses.
  • Young readers! A place for kids to discover the magic of books.
  • Cozy seating and desks for creatives to read and work.
  • A commitment to welcoming all people, advocating for the power of the written word, and preserving the magic of books.


Have we piqued your interest? Is your inner nerd humming with anticipation?!

We hope so because we need your help––we need the support of our rad community. Will you help us create a space filled with good books, kind people, and untold troves of creative genius?

To make Timbre Books a top-shelf shop we need your help to raise $10,000.

We've already funded our buildout costs, and our startup inventory costs. But to make Timbre Books the best community space it can be we need these additional funds. This money will go to things like building out the study and lounge area, hosting community events like workshops, local readings, readings by touring writers, and kids events.  

We hope to open Timbre's doors by mid September. 

We know to donate to Timbre Books you don't need anything more than the knowledge  that you are contributing to the preservations of an imperative, and magical art. But, of course, we want to throw some perks your way!

Here's the nitty gritty:

-Make a donation of any amount! (THANK YOU WE ARE SO GRATEFUL)

-As we get closer to our $10,000 everyone who donated gets the perk for helping us reach the next landmark. So if Karen donates $50, which puts us at $5,000 raised everyone gets a Timbre Tee plus all the previous landmark perks (Mug, tote bag, sticker, bookmark). We're all about Timbre team spirit!


$500: Sticker and bookmark

$1,000: Timbre Tote Bag

$2,500: Timbre Mug

$5,000: Timbre T-shirt

$7,500: ?

$10,000: Invite to private opening soiree


(Timbre definition)


We believe in the magic of words and stories.

We aspire to create a hospitable space where good stories can be read, shared, and written.

We hope to amplify the importance of the written word in making sense of the world.*

       *What does that even mean? Well, we think James Baldwin said it best: 
"For, while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isn't any other tale to tell, it's the only light we've got in all this darkness."
– James Baldwin, Sonny's Blues

We get stoked about participating in the ongoing legacy of stories–each one resonating with a timbre of its own–to create connection across time and people. Call us nerds. It's a wild kind of magic, and we are here for it.