We are a locally owned bookshop filled with well-curated, new books that span genres and eras.
We get stoked about participating in the ongoing legacy of stories – each one resonating with a timbre of its own – to create connections across time and among people.
We hope to be a purveyor of excellent words and stories, that reverberate with the mystery, struggle, beauty, and wisdom of being human.

Our Story

Hi! We are Megan & Kyle Murai, Ventura locals and, now, your friendly neighborhood bookshop owners. 

It's been our wild, far-off dream to open a bookstore. Whenever we travel to a new city or country bookshops are top on our list of must-see stops. We love to witness first-hand how each independent bookstore is shaped by the community and culture that surrounds it. We'd argue that there's no better way to spend an afternoon than watching the comings and goings of people – storytellers and poets, first-time readers and veteraned writers, seekers and skeptics – immerse themselves in the possibilities held by shelves of books.

 Exploring the outdoors is our other love. Nothing pairs better with a backpacking trip, day hike, or beach day than a good book (and a cold beverage).

We can't wait to see how the culture of Ventura shapes Timbre Books and we hope the shop will be influenced greatly by our community's collective love and respect for the outdoors.

See you in the bookshop!