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  • Our deepest gratitude! Thanks so much for supporting us!
  • The Timbre Newsletter. Be the first to know about all things Timbre Books – events, special offers, new releases etc.
  • Timbre Books Sticker. Stick em on your cars, on your shoes, on your friends. Spread the word!
  • Timbre Books Tote. Who doesn't love a book bag? Also, fashion.
  • Your name on the Timbre Backers' Bookcase

We'll hand-stamp your name into a brass tag and display it on our Backers' Bookcase to celebrate the community that makes our independent bookshop possible (20 character limit).

  • Timbre Books Tee
A limited-run Timbre Books T-Shirt only available before the bookshop opens. Stay tuned for the design! Rest assured, it will be rad.


  • One year subscription to the Timbre Book Club!

Welcome to the Timbre Book Club! A book-loving, outdoor-going, group of kind humans who meets monthly to talk books and grow our community. 
The one year Timbre Book Club subscription includes:
    1. One pre-selected new book a quarter (4 books/yr, can be shipped or picked up in store).
    2. An introduction to the book selection written by the store owner.
    3. A discussion guide.
    4. Admittance to all Timbre Book Club events*

*For each book there will be three events throughout the quarter (1 event/month):

    1. Book Release Night where members can pick up the book selected for the quarter and enjoy an evening of introduction to the book.
    2. An Outdoor Outing where we will get outside to talk about the book, and enjoy the wild (maybe camp, maybe sit around a fire, maybe enjoy a beach sunset, the possibilities are endless).
    3. Final Book Discussion Soirée where we will discuss the book and partake in snacks and refreshments.